Wool Dryer Balls by Magic WashberriesTM

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Dry your laundry the way nature intended using Wool Dryer Balls By Magic Washberries™, the natural, chemical-free, reusable alternatives to dryer sheets. Made from 100% Australian wool, our wool dryer balls allow air to circulate between clothes while in the dryer, creating a gentle friction that naturally softens fabrics and eliminates wrinkles. Not only will you save by eliminating dryer sheets with our long-lasting, reusable wool dryer balls, you’ll significantly reduce dryer time, too. Simply toss two Wool Dryer Balls By Magic Washberries™ into the dryer with each load to eliminate chemicals from the dry cycle of your laundry routine.

Package includes two (2) Wool Dryer Balls By Magic Washberries™

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