Other Uses

Maximize Your Magic Washberries™
Potential with These Tips

Cloth Diapers:

Remove any solid waste from the soiled diaper and dispose of properly.

Pre-wash no more than 24 soiled diapers in cold water without adding Magic Washberries™.

Once wash cycle is finished, add wash bag filled with 4-6 Magic Washberries™ into washing machine.

Wash diapers on the hot setting. When the wash cycle is finished, set the wash bag aside or hang to dry.

Heavy Soils:

Pre-soak 4-6 Magic Washberries™ in the wash bag for 4-5 minutes in hot water.

Add the water along with the wash bag containing the Magic Washberries™ into your washing machine.

Load the washing machine with fewer clothes to maximize agitation during washing cycle.

Hand Wash:

Soak 2-3 Magic Washberries™ in a wash bag for 5 minutes in hot water. Add water mix into your wash bin or sink.

Multipurpose Soap:

Soak 5-6 Magic Washberries™ in the wash bag for 5-10 minutes.

Add the water mix along with the wash bag to a bucket of water.

Water can be used to wash cars, boats, RVs, sports equipment, tents, pets, people, wetsuits, dishes, jewelry and more!

For Household Cleaning:

Use Magic Washberries™ for everything from handwashing dishes to cleaning tile, washing vehicles to polishing countertops.

Simply soak our Magic Washberries™ in water and use the resulting liquid in a squeeze bottle.

For Windows and Glass:

Make windows and glass shine with a mix of Magic Washberries™ liquid formula and water. Add the mixture to a spray bottle, apply, and wipe clean!

For Dishwashers:

Create your own dishwasher detergent using a blend of Magic Washberries™ liquid and water for naturally-clean dishes.

For Cleaning Carpets:

Apply Magic Washberries™ liquid to carpet stains to naturally loosen and release spots of all types.

For Jewelry:

Start by soaking your gems and precious metal jewelry in Magic Washberries™ liquid, then clean with a soft toothbrush to loosen dirt.

Rinse with clean water and polish.

For Pets:

Give your pets’ coats a shine with Magic Washberries™-based shampoo.

Mix Magic Washberries™ liquid with water and put mixture in a squeeze or spray bottle, then wash your pets like usual.

For Shampoo:

Mix up a bottle of shampoo by soaking our Magic Washberries™ in water and using the liquid in your shower to add a natural sheen to your locks!