Q:Where do Soap Nuts come from?

A: Soap Nuts are the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry Tree (Sapindus Mukorossi), related to the lychee and rambutan. Soap Nuts are harvested in Indian and Indonesian jungles where Soap Nut trees are holding forests and families together! Our Soap Nuts fall to the ground where they are collected by local folks who have used them for centuries.

Q:How do Soap Nuts work?

A: Soap Nuts work like a detergent. They contain saponin, an all-natural surfactant. Conventional detergents are manufactured, chemical surfactants. Surfactants work by breaking the surface tension of water so it can more easily penetrate into fabrics, effectively making water “wetter.” Once wet, the agitation of your washing machine (or your hands) shakes the dirt loose from your clothes. Then Soap Nuts’ saponin holds the dirt in suspension in the water (preventing it from re-depositing on your clothes) until you’ve rinsed it away.

Q: Can I use Soap Nuts in my HE (high efficiency) washing machine?

A: Yes! Soap Nuts are low-sudsing and are ideal for high-efficiency washers.

Q: Where are the bubbles?

A: Most laboratory cleaners contain foaming agents to “trick” consumers that the product is working. In truth, the quantity of bubbles does not tell you if a cleaner is effective! Soap Nuts keep you clean without phoney bubbles. Because they are low sudsing, Soap Nuts are ideal for H.E. and front- loader machines.

Q: Can I use Soap Nuts to clean more than my laundry?

A: Yes! In Indian Ayurvedic science, Soap Nuts are used as a skin and hair cleanser. Soap Nuts are used in Bali by artisans who create beautiful jewelry and batik fabrics.

Q: Can I use too many nuts?

A: We recommend 4-6 whole Soap Nuts per load. For really dirty clothes, giant loads, or when washing in cold water, you can use more nuts. You’ll know you’ve used too many nuts if your clothes feel stiff after washing. The stiffness results from excess saponin in the rinse water and is not harmful to you or the clothes. The stiffness will go away after the next washing.

Q: Can I use the Soap Nuts more than once?

A: Yes! The saponin in Soap Nuts releases quickly into hot water, and more slowly in cold water. We recommend you can reuse them 8-10 times. You’ll know the saponin in Soap Nuts is used up when the nuts no longer feel squeaky clean or sudsy when you rub them.

Q: Can I use Soap Nuts with any temperature water?

A: Yes!

Q: Do I have to remove the Soap Nuts from the washing machine during the rinse cycle?

A: No need to remove the soap nuts from the rinse cycle. There’s no soapy residue to rinse away! The little bit of saponin left in the rinse adds softness and body to your clothes.

Q: Are Soap Nuts hypoallergenic?

A: Yes! Soap Nuts are 100% natural, safe and hypoallergenic. We recommend them for babies and people with sensitive skin. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Soap Nuts are used traditionally to treat skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. With Soap Nuts, there’s nothing between you and your clothes but Mother Nature!

Q: Do I need to clean the chemical detergent residue out of my washing machine before I wash my clothes with Soap Nuts?

A: You can use Soap Nuts to purify your washing machine. To remove chemical residues from your machine, run a full load of rags through a warm or hot wash cycle with 4-5 soap nuts in the sack.

Q: I’m allergic to nuts. Can I use Soap Nuts?

A: Yes! Soap Nuts are actually a dried fruit related to the lychee. People with nut allergies can safely use Soap Nuts!

Q: Do Soap Nuts have a fragrance?

A: Yes and No. On their own Soap Nuts have a mild, fresh, vinegary smell. They will not fragrance your clothes. For added fragrance, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the cotton sack as well as on a wool dryer ball or in the fabric softener drawer.

Q: Do I need to use fabric softener?

A: No. Soap Nuts naturally soften and add body to your clothes! In fact, Soap Nuts are used commercially to give body and sheen to expensive silks! You’ll love how your clothes feel after washing with Soap Nuts.

Q: Are Soap Nuts safe for my delicate washables?

A: Yes! Soap Nuts are ideal for gently cleaning delicate fibers like wool and silk!

Q: Will Soap Nuts keep my colors bright?

A: Yes! Soap Nuts are 100% natural and gentle. Your colors will look brighter!

Q: Will Soap Nuts get my white clothes REALLY white?

A: To maintain sparkling whites we recommend that you always separate your colors. For extra stain removal, when necessary add a scoop of environmentally friendly oxygen bleach to the wash.

Q: Can Soap Nuts help me Save Water and Energy?

A: Yes! Since there’s no soapy residue to rinse away you can use short to no rinse cycle on your washing machine.

Q: What do I do with the leftover shells?

A: You’ll know the saponin in Soap Nuts is used up when the nuts no longer feel squeaky clean and sudsy when you rub them. If they’re re-useable, let the shells dry out and use them again later. When the shells are ready to retire, add them to your trash.

Q: What are the dryer balls made of?

A: Our dryer balls are made from 100% New Zealand wool. They are the best quality in the world.

Q: How long will the dryer balls last?

A: Our dryer balls have a life expectancy of 10 years! These replace dryer sheets or fabric softener and your cost savings on that is worth it alone.

Q: How many dryer balls do you recommend using?

A: Depending on load size we recommend using 2-4 dryer balls.

Q: How do dryer balls work?

A: They work by separating your clothes as they are tumbling. This will allow your clothes to dry quicker and you will save energy for every load you dry!

Q: Do I Need dryer sheets?

A: No! The wool dryer balls act as a fabric softener and you will notice your clothes drying fluffier. They also remove static cling as long as you do not over dry your clothes. Check your drying cycles as you will find your clothes will dry much quicker.

Q: Will dryer balls add any scent to your clothes?

A: Not on their own. If you want a scent, we recommend you add an essential oil and be sure it is pure. For best use, we recommend you stop your dryer 10 minutes prior to the end of its cycle. Then add 4-5 drops of oil directly on the dryer balls and restart your dryer. Your clothes will come out fluffier and scented exactly how you want it.